1.Title book 




Henk van Kerkwijk.    


How many pages      



3.Who is telling the story  

the writer.


4. Discribe in detail the main character of this story 

Arthur heís the brother from Peter. Peter bring pizzaís around with his scooter. Arthur likes Soumia he wants courtship with her. He is very honnest. Untill he get the scooter from peter to impress Soumia.

5.List some of the things you like/dislike about the story                          

Like.                                                           Dislike.

That arthur take a ride with the scooter.     That Arthur will impress Soumia.                

That the thieves stole the bank-van.             That they stop in the bank-van.

That the thieves frightened of geese.      That they didnít catch the thieves.


6. When did the story take place  

it take place in the present time.


7. Where did the story take place 

it take place in Amsterdam.


8. Give a summary of the story  

Arthurís brother, Peter, brings pizzaís to customers on his scooter. Arthur will impress

Soumia. The only way he can do that is: get the scooter from his brother and take a ride with Soumia. Arthur get the scooter and ride trough the city. Soumia drive to. She canít stop and go faster and faster.     

On that time are thieves busy with a robbery. They want much money. They surprise an Bank-Van. But security people put two geese in the Van. The thieves are very surprised and run away.

Arthur and Soumia drive with the scooter in too the Bank-Van and stopped in the money bags.


9. Select two passages that you particulary like and copy it 

She kept the scooter upright all through that terrible spin. I LIKE IT BECAUSE IT IS AN EXCITING PART OF THE STORY.

Roberto wants to jump in, but two geese jump out. Angry, hissing geese, their wings spread out. The men jump back an yell. I LIKE IT BECAUSE ITíS A LITTLE BIT GRAZY THAT 6 BIG MEN ARE AFRAID OF 2 GEESE !


10. Were you satisfied with the end. Explain your answer                 

Yes and no. No, because the police not run in the thieves. Yes, because the story about the scooter has ended very good. Arthur and Soumia can, after a long ride stopp and they are very happy.


11. Is there anything that you discovered or learned from the story 

You never can steal anything because its not good. All the things you steal its not yours.


Gemaakt door Leo Boekhout



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